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know how to surface, now working on why
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My latest book purchase was Open Slowly by Kate Light. After her reading at the Carol Tatkon center last Wednesday I couldn't wait to get a copy of her book so that I could re-read everything I had just heard. Perhaps her poetry is inspired by her name, or the somehow appropriately irridescent earrings she was wearing that sparkled in different colors as she read. Either way, there is a lightness to her tone and a quiet comforting shimmer to her poetry that made me think I must have known her before. Each poem seemed to tell glimpses of a complete story, and while her lines and words are short, and her poems are rarely more than a page, I left the reading feeling that I had just heard a (much) better-written version of my journal. She plays with word sounds and rhymes without being trite or too cute, and even her poems about sea anemone's and porcupine blowfish have a gentle seriousness to them. I had the pleasure of meeting her the day before her reading in my poetry class, and she told us she was working on a song for a new Disney movie. Being the Disney freak that I am (but not wanting to so blatently advertise this fact at a packed poetry reading full of intimidating sweater vested english professors) a less self-conscious friend of mine kindly asked if Kate wouldn't mind playing this new song. While it is certainly Disney-fied, (and the singer did quite a poor job of enunciation - they should have asked me) the words were still beautiful, in a way that both a 12 year old and a 72 year old could appreciate. I think this shows her ability to not take herself too seriously. This quality shines in her poetry and in the way she reads - humbly, quietly, but still offering a vivid picture of what makes her write.
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[more afterthoughts]

Twirl: A Sonnet's Waltz

all of the he shoulds the I shoulds the
we shoulds that echo and rattle in
pens in my hands in your hands and they
caught mine and we twirled and you counted
beats and they stuck in my head and the
hall that was narrow and brimming with
people we bothered knocked into but
still you kept count of our steps dip twirl
and with arms loose you led I don’t know
when to lean I don’t know how to learn
I should learn how to dance you should learn
how to lead then head turned and side kiss
and we spin and we twirl around the
crowds of the people we bothered while

learning that arms loose you lead and with
arms loose I twirl and we learn how to

(~and this one, /just in case you thought i wrote upbeat poetry\)


ever since I learned
of Ophelia
I’ve been ruined
hung by
blackened coffee mornings
laced with aftertouches
of dreams
of me

books of poetry
of words I’d love
to write
of people I’d love
to dance with
to burn with

mozart’s lacrymosa,
his final measures,
litter the air with
phrases of grace
that demand the attention I should spend
on sleeping
on eating
on me

as the shadow of the pen
mocks my words on the page,
a second person lovefest
that whores itself
to anyone
with an ear
and a pocket
of coins.

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Why did I never learn that you can add pictures to your blog? oh technology, how you evade me...I learned today that I can't throw a frisbee. Who can't throw a frisbee? I'm worse than Lassie. I also learned I can't write humorous poetry, or understand the early 20th century Spanish poet Antonio Machado. However, my faithful gumball machine is still by my side so there may just be a flicker at the end of the tunnel.
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a feed-your-addiction kind of night
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