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I’ve had an abortion of spirit and I wonder now
if it cried or would have when they cut the cord
give birth to a poem and it deserts me
seeping into the page the stains of unrest
breathe in slow i always do on my own
but you're the provider, chosen herald to inspire
you could soon be a summer, my europe, a treason
come now, cloak the physical world in reason

posted by Laurel  # 11:38:00 PM
i'm supposed to write a poem about fear and i'm drawing a blank. is it risky to have fears that are only reflections of other people, and not fears within yourself? is it dangerous to not know what you're afraid of? textbook reading is piling already and i'm stuck on this stupid poem. surely i must be afraid of more than just you and the obvious, i can't name a thing and yet i know i'm scared of so much.
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sometimes what the hell is all i have
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