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procrastination and delirium on a wednesday night -

i didn't visit you that night but i did sit by the lake and write you a beautiful love poem that you never read so you're still mad at me for forgetting to visit. i don't like other people reading my poems otherwise i'd show you but a part of me thinks you'd still be mad.

when i went home for fall break, my dad and i went for a walk on the beach and he showed me the house where his grandparents lived and where he used to go every summer. he had a look in his eye when he told me that made me decide right then and there that when i become rich and famous i'll buy it back for him. that's the nice thing about parents - when you're with them you can always be five years old.
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a '71 toyota celica that she still talks about today. yellow, standard and she had mastered the art of holding a cup of coffee while shifting gears, steering, and not spilling a drop. she spent at least 2 hours a day in that car, one hour to work and one hour home, sweating in the summer and freezing in the winter because of the car's stubbornnes when it came to functioning heat and a/c. new cars are too shiny and minor scratches from accidents build character she always said whenever anyone asked why she hadn't sold it yet. the dents and the left rear bumper hanging by a thread reminded her of that road trop to montreal, camping in arizona, teenage nights of racing home at 11:52. her car had the scars to remind her of where she'd been and where she'd go and she knew that any car but her own would change her personality, her outlook, how she faced the day after an hour of traffic every morning.
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Last week I went to a reading at the Temple of Zeus. The first reader was a girl who went to my high school. As she was reading, I remembered a senior year music class that we were both in. For our final composition, she sang a song that she wrote in a dream, half in english and half in spanish, and I've been jealous of her ever since. More on this later.
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